I have been enjoying my coaching sessions at Affinity Life Coaching now for a few weeks. I’ve been challenged and supported. I have been given tools and support in communication that has helped open up more meaningful communications with my family and friends. I have been challenged weekly and my personal growth has come in leaps and bounds with the support of John.
John is full of wisdom and is amazing at supporting, healing and changing lives! I highly recommend John to all my friends and family


Kaylena L


John is one of the single wisest men I have ever met. Ten words of his completely altered my perspective on life and challenged me to be greater than my circumstances.

It’s been just over two years since those words and life had changed dramatically. I’ve tripled my income, have the most amazing relationship and have what could only be described as my dream job. Everything I have achieved, I owe to John.



Kaleb R

John has an outstanding ability to cut to the chase to provide people with what they need to move forwards in their lives. With the Not for Profit group he leads, it doesn’t take much to work out that he has tremendous passion & ability for helping people….. a fantastic heart for help.


Lindsay M

John is such a wise man and has helped me out alot with the issues I am dealing with and would recommend him to anyone that needs support

Nicko W

I have attended numerous coaching sessions with John and it only takes one conversation with him to see the sparkle in his eyes infused by the passion John has for life coaching. The presence John holds with each participant is outstanding. He is a wonderful listener, gentle and yet direct and has a wealth of wisdom when it comes to relationships, conscious communication and working with processes that will transform your perspective and understanding about yourself, your relationships with others and life in general instantly. From my whole heart I can only recommend John as a life coach and his incredible work that he does with ease and intuition.

Janie P

Affinity Life Coaching rocks. Simple as that! John is an outstanding coach, who cares, is considerate, and knows how to take people on the journey that they need to go on. His work is top shelf, and I highly recommend his services! Keep up the great work, mate!

Anton G

John is an excellent coach, truly passing the message e and assisting us with our life issues. I had the pleasure to be coached by him and I can honestly say, I’d be out there in a very dark place if it wasn’t by his help. Can’t recommend enough.!

Victor G