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Counselling Services

My counselling services are for people from all walks of life, including individuals and couples

I help people who are experiencing:

  • addiction,
  • marriage breakdown,
  • suicidal thoughts,
  • Trauma,
  • loss of a loved one,
  • domestic violence,
  • anger issues,
  • difficulties at work,
  • depression and more…

If you are struggling to find your place in this world (or just simply coping with life in general), let’s start with a chat. I’d be honored to bring a little positive influence into your life and help you (re) discover your potential to heal and become the person you desire to be.


I offer face to face, in person appointments in a number of local communities across South East Queensland; Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Caboolture, Moreton Bay, Bribie Island, North Lakes, Redcliffe, Petrie, Wamuran, Kilcoy and Somerset region.


I also offer virtual sessions via Teams or Facetime plus phone calls for clients based further afield including existing clients in central Queensland and anyone anywhere in Australia who would like to work with me.

Counselling Services Caboolture
Counselling Services Gold Coast

Let’s Begin Our Journey Together

The Different ‘Kinds’ Of Counselling

Mental Health Healing

Generally speaking, my counselling services are aimed to help my clients who are struggling with their mental health. I have helped thousands of people who have experienced anything from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts to addiction, trauma, loss and more. The degree to which you are suffering can be anywhere along the scale – I help you from where you are now, focusing on that next best step for you.


Overtime, my aim is to support you in becoming a more resilient, stronger person. I will help you gain higher levels of self-awareness plus a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. You’ll learn that your mind is a very powerful tool and how to respect and leverage it to become happier and more hope-filled.


I will teach you various coping mechanisms and strategies, plus I’m here to personally guide you through whatever challenge you are facing. We’ll strengthen your ability to adapt to change, work on healing any childhood trauma or old relationship wounds and improve your communication.

Counselling Services Sunshine Coast

You truly have an incredible future ahead of you!

Counselling Services Gold Coast

Self Esteem / Confidence Boosting

I also help individuals with low self-esteem to become more confident. You’ll learn how to better understand yourself as well as how to empathise and relate to those around you. 

I will teach you how to regulate your emotions, how to avoid destructive behaviours and how to improve your self-image so that you can reflect this in your work, your relationships and out in the world.

Couples Counselling

Attending couples counselling sessions offer you and your partner a safe and supportive environment to express your thoughts and feelings openly. You’ll learn some valuable strategies that will help you and your partner better understand one another. You’ll become confident and capable in communicating your needs and concerns, how to peacefully resolve conflicts and how to deepen your connection on all levels.


Things that I cover in my couples counselling sessions often center around rebuilding trust, navigating parenting challenges and disagreements, dealing with external family members, financial conflicts, intimacy issues and a general lack of connection. 


Couples counselling is fantastic for couples who are genuinely invested in enhancing the quality of their relationship, reigniting that spark and working together as a team to create a truly beautiful and pleasurable partnership.

Counselling Services
Counselling Services North Lakes

Workplace Counselling & Coaching
E.A.P (Employee Assistance Program) – QLD Wide

Workplace Counselling focuses on helping those in any work environment to enhance their communication and negotiation skills, strengthen professional relationships and contribute to a healthier work culture.

Often, the reason why I’m called into a workplace is to focus on resolving existing tension and conflicts within the workplace and to create a more harmonious and functional team. Staff (and management) are taught the skills to become more empathetic, more tolerant of each other and to be better listeners and leaders… all aimed at creating a more positive atmosphere and more productive team.

  • Less Stress & Burn Out
  • Boosted Productivity
  • Happier & More Loyal Staff
  • Fewer Workplace Disputes
  • Better Leadership
  • Improved Overall Workplace Culture & Business Reputation

We can even work on aspects like; better nurturing the skills and talent of your employees, what motivates and incentivises them, how to focus better on common goals, work-life balance, mental health management and leadership.

Interested In Taking Your Team To The Next Level?

Counselling Services Brisbane

Supervisory Services For Counselors

Having just completed my Certification to Supervise other Counsellors, I’m available to fulfil this role for professional Counsellors.

It’s an ACA (Australia Counsellors Association) requirement to have a qualified supervisor.


If you are interested in working together, please reach out.