About Us


Hello, my name is John Sirotti and I am the owner of Affinity Counselling and Life Coaching.

With several decades of experience in the Life Coaching field, I have been described as a man with a huge heart that helps people by igniting a fire in the bellies of My Clients. I help My Clients develop a sense of direction and passion to feel inspired to want and to strive for greater things in life.

I work with patience and caring, guiding people in ways on how to communicate better with those around them; wife / husband, partner, children, family members and even workmates in a work environment. With me teaching the valuable and vital skill of listening, Clients develop relationship building qualities that enhance and create better stable and happy lives in families and their members.

Let me help you discover the REAL YOU by guiding you through step by step processes. Let me challenge you to find out what it is that is really holding you back; to help you identify your limiting beliefs that prevent you from having the life that you want and truly deserve.

As you learn these processes and develop your skill set and experience immense personal development, you will see that opportunities to help others will become apparent to you and you will become the instrument of change in your life and the lives of your family and friends around you.

In life we have three ‘C’s. Choice, Chance and Change

You must make a Choice,

to take a Chance,

or your life will never Change.