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About John

Areas of Expertise

John’s areas of expertise include; suicide prevention and support, depression and anxiety, marriage breakdown and relationship counselling, domestic violence, parental support (including; Department of Children Services sessions), grief counselling, childhood trauma, personal growth and fostering a sense of purpose with goal setting skills, recognising and changing self-sabotaging behaviour and helping you reach your potential in life.

John helps to establish hope. Through becoming more aware of the deeper, underlying causes of one’s suffering and helping them focus on what’s possible through reframing someone’s self image, internal thoughts and encouraging a change of environment if needed, are all strategies that John guides people through.


Your Journey to Self Belief, Better Mental Health and Hope Starts Here!

A Message to You!

“When we work together, I create a safe space where you can fully confide in me and talk about all of your biggest fears as well as your biggest dreams.

I’ll do my best to offer you the necessary support to help you become the best version of yourself. I want to give you the tools to enhance your own quality of life and make you feel good about where your life is going.

All care and no judgment! You have all the permission in the world to talk about anything… even if you consider it dark and terrifying. I promise, this is part of the healing process. Let me help you see how we can turn all of your struggles, trauma, sadness, anger… into your new-found resilience, strength and optimism about your future.

We’ll work together to develop an actual sense of direction. Something meaningful you can strive towards. Imagine having that!

I am a patient man. What we’ll need to work on together, will take time… and I offer mine to you, if you’ll let me. You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively with those around you as well as how to speak to yourself with more compassion and understanding. Us humans can be pretty horrible to ourselves sometimes. We’ll work on breaking that habit.

Everyone deserves to feel heard, feel understood and to feel like their life has meaning.”

In life we have 3 C’s that determine our future and how we live our lives. Are You Ready to Make a Choice, to Take a Chance, to Make a Change?

What Got Me To Here


After experiencing bullying, depression and other life-derailing events, I felt called to attend a personal growth workshop. It truly opened my eyes. I felt as though I had finally found my purpose. It was life changing! I completed more of these workshops and courses then I established my own projects to offer and support men living in my local community including “The Man Walk” and “Insight Men’s Circle” in Gladstone, Qld over a decade ago.  


These initiatives soon evolved into other offerings such as; women’s support groups and “The Insight Tribe for Men and Women”.  


During my university studies to become a Qualified Teacher, I also volunteered in my community, including visiting Hostels at Kings Cross to serve the homeless offering beds, sandwiches, tea and coffee.   


I’ve also coached kids in sporting teams, where the parents were unable to or not interested in doing so. Through my construction and maintenance work with “Life Without Barriers”, a program supporting foster children, I connected with many of the children and have since maintained many of these beautiful relationships over the years and it’s been my honor to watch them grow up. 

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